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Post Growth Toolkit

Curated by: Jaclyn Quaresma
Group of people standing in front of a green screen participating in various activities; conversing, looking at a tv screen, laptop and sheets of paper.
Photo courtesy of DISNOVATION.ORG
The Embassy

223 Augusta, Toronto, ON

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COVID-19 Policy

Images Festival is committed to providing an accessible festival and continues to work to reduce barriers to participation at our events. This year, we are implementing a COVID-19 policy to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission for all, and to prioritize the participation of people who are disability-identified, immunocompromised, or part of an otherwise vulnerable group.

The following guidelines will be in place: Self-Assessment: We ask that staff and participants screen themselves for COVID-19 before visiting the exhibition.

Join us after a day of screenings to connect with fellow festival goers through a tactical card game. The Post Growth Toolkit invites us to reprogram ourselves out of the economic growth orthodoxy. Through a compilation of stories, concepts and tactics, it proposes to stimulate new modes of understanding and new paths of imagination in the context of current environmental crises.

What ideological, social, and biophysical factors have precipitated the ongoing environmental crises? What leverage is available for transformative practices and imaginaries to overcome the continuous growth of our energy consumption? The Post Growth Toolkit prods at us to challenge dominant narratives about growth and progress, and re-envision social metabolism through an understanding of the energy it requires. Drawing on ecofeminism, indigenous knowledge, environmental accounting and historical materialism, it reconnects human survival with the living, material qualities of the biosphere. 

At the intersection of science and speculative fiction, Post Growth Toolkit is a cooperative game of prompts that acts as an invitation to reprogram ourselves out of the economic growth orthodoxy. Taking the form of a tactical card game, it invites players to literally reshuffle their world-views through a compilation of stories, concepts, and tactics in order to facilitate collective debate in context of the worsening ecological catastrophe.  

Focusing on notions such as planetary limits, the rebound effect, ecosystem services, and the Seventh Generation Principle, this game is designed to help cultivate a community and a set of theoretical and narrative tools that re-examine the utilitarian vision of nature as merely a standing reserve for human industry and growth. By delegitimizing the logic of resource optimization and technological solutionism, these proposals seek to encourage the prototyping and envisioning of radically different modes of living in relation with our environment.


DISNOVATION.ORG is a research collective set up in paris in 2012, whose core members include maria roszkowska (pl/fr), nicolas maigret (fr), baruch gottlieb (ca/de), and jerome saint-clair (fr). they work at the interface between contemporary art, research and hacking, and compose tailor-made teams for each investigation together with academics, activists, engineers, and designers. more specifically their recent artistic provocations seek to empower post growth imaginaries and practices while challenging dominant techno-solutionist ideologies. Their research includes artworks, publications & curation.

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