Frequently Asked Questions

What is Images Festival?

Images Festival is a platform for the exhibition and discourse of independent film and media art. Created in 1987 as an alternative to the only other Toronto film festival at the time, Images has spent the last 37 years presenting media works that are challenging in their form and content. Images showcases the intersection of emerging and established practices and invites open critical dialogue in the film and media arts community around the political herstories of moving image production, distribution, exhibition, and representation. 

When is Images Festival?

Images Festival occurs annually in April.

Where is Images Festival?

Images Festival takes place at venues around the city of Toronto and online. Visit our Venues page to find out more.

Can I submit my work to Images Festival?

Yes! We accept submissions for Screenings, Exhibitions, and Performances. Visit our Submissions page to find out more.

Is Images Festival accessible?

Images Festival is committed to providing an accessible festival and continues to work to reduce barriers to participation in our events. Information about accessibility services are available on our program pages and in our festival catalogue.

How long has Images Festival been running?

Images Festival has been running since 1987! Visit our Archives page to view or download catalogues from our past festival editions.

Who is presenting at Images Festival this year?

Images Festival shows work by over 60 artists every year. Visit our Artists page to find out who’s showing at this year’s festival.

I have a question about accountability to community.

Images Festival’s team and Board of Directors are committed to staying accountable to our community. Visit our Accountability page to find out more. If you have specific questions or feedback, we invite you to contact our Board at

Do you rent equipment?

Yes! We have a range of analogue and digital presentation equipment available for rent at sliding scales. Visit our Rentals page to find out more.

Who works at Images Festival?

Images is made up of a small team of permanent and contract team members, and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Visit our About page to learn more about our organisation.