Foyer Forest Feelings

May 08 , 7:00 pm

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Images Festival is pleased to partner with Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC) to host a live performance by Oliver Husain and Victoria Cheong live on


Taking this warped moment in time, spring 2021, and the emotional disruptions caused by it as a starting point, this program re-frames a selection of films from the CFMDC’s archive. The 16mm films are projected on to a screen for a webcam in an otherwise empty theatre. With a mix of the original soundtracks and a new score by Victoria Cheong aka New Chance, performed and streamed live. ⁠

With films by Vincent Grenier, Sarah Pucill, Midi Onodera, Ellie Epp, Chris Chong Chan Fui, David Rimmer, Mary J Daniel, and Tom Chomont.

    Co-presented with

    • CFMDC
    • Canada Council for the Arts