Images at Art Toronto
Oliver Husain, Isla Santa Maria 3D, 2016

Oliver Husain, Isla Santa Maria 3D, 2016

Images at Art Toronto

news date: Oct 27, 2017

Susan Hobbs Gallery will be presenting Oliver Husain's Isla Santa Maria 3D at Art Toronto from October 27-30th. Isla Santa Maria 3D is a co-commission between Gallery TPW and Images Festival, originally exhibited during our 2016 festival. 

Images Festival International Tour!
Camilo Restrepo, La Impresión de una Guerra, 2015

Camilo Restrepo, La Impresión de una Guerra, 2015

Images Festival International Tour!

news date: Aug 10, 2017

Images Festival is on an international tour this summer with stops in Iran and Serbia.

Tuesday, August 8
New Media Projects, Tehran, Iran

Friday, August 25
Images in Belgrade, Serbia

Program Notes:

Hearing Eyes Seeing Ears

From forensic analysis of gunshots to handmade gun tattoos in prison, this program of shorts forces us to look beyond the everyday marks and traces of violence that are not readily legible to our eyes and ears.

In Still Time
Leslie Supnet
Canada, 2017, Digital Video, 10min

In Still Time is an experimental animation that investigates the catastrophic image, repurposing media from the net of the Syrian war. 

Rubber Coated Steel
Lawrence Abu-Hamdan
Lebanon/Germany, 2016, Digital Video, 22 min

We are inside a chamber designed to measure silence, witnessing a trial. Spectograms stand in place of an absent tribunal, enacting a forensic investigation into a murder that was never heard. Two Isreali shots were red, two unarmed Palestinians dead. 

La Impresión de una Guerra (Impression of a war)
Camilo Restrepo
France/Colombia, 2015, 16mm on Digital Video, 27min                

The narrative of a hazy war is told through a multitude of everyday marks and traces of an internal armed conflict that has left Colombia in a climate of general violence for the past 70 years.



Images Festival Summer Tour!
HiFi Normal Léandre Bourgeois, Amanda Dawn Christie

HiFi Normal Léandre Bourgeois, Amanda Dawn Christie

Images Festival Summer Tour!

news date: Mar 23, 2017

Images Festival hit the road in the fall with stops across Northern Ontario as well as two international stops in London and Lisbon.

Wednesday, Sept 28 
Galerie du Nouvel Ontario, Sudbury 

Friday, Sept 30
North Bay Film Festival

Thursday, Oct 13, London, England

Sunday, Oct 16
Giv Lowe Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

Thursday, Nov 24
180 Projects, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
image credit: HiFi Normal, VHS collaboration between Amanda Dawn Christie and Léandre Bourgeois

Program Notes: 

In Kingdom Come

The works in this program speculate on the possibilities of other worlds, where our sense of control and comprehension of the world around us is suspended and has given way to selflessness and delusion.

Kingdom Come: Rituals
Martin Sulzer, Vika Kirchenbauer
(2014, 7 min, Digital Video, Germany)

HiFi Normal
Léandre Bourgeois, Amanda Dawn Christie
(2014, 7 min, Digital Video, Canada)

Ego Loser
Johannes DeYoung
(2015, 6 min, Digital Video, USA)

Natee Chewit
Phaisit Phanphruksachat
(2015, 20 min, Digital Video, Thailand)

Half Human, Half Vapour
Mike Stoltz
(2015, 11 min, 16mm, USA)

Ellie Epp
(2015, 4 min, Digital Video, USA, Canada)