You Hide Me



Nii Kwate Owoo


In the year 1970, a remarkable, outstanding, and controversial documentary entitled You Hide Me on the “Colonization of African Art in the British Museum,” London, shook the world. Written, produced, and directed by Ghanian filmmaker Nii Kwate Owoo, the film, which became an instant hit and a legend, exposed the policies of European colonial regimes that, in establishing their rule, attempted to wipe out all traces of African civilization, religion, language, and art. The film You Hide Me revealed for the first time hundreds of thousands of hitherto unseen stolen and rare artifacts looted from the Asante and Benin Kingdoms in West Africa.

  • Born and raised in Ghana, Nii Kwate Owoo writes, produces, and directs films. He is a graduate of the London Film School where he cut his niche as an African Filmmaker. He formed the first independent African Film production company (Ifriqiyah Films Ltd) in the UK under which he produced and directed his first film, You Hide Me. Thereafter, he moved to the Institute of African Studies at the University of Ghana, Legon, and founded the Media Research Unit, the backbone of the Institute’s Pan African media collaborations. He is currently the CEO of Efiri Tete Communications.