Red Buffalo Skydive



Jude Norris


In Red Buffalo Skydive, Jude Norris shares a story of the man who picks her up while hitchhiking, a devout skydiver who after becoming a paraplegic refuses to quit. 

At the 01:01 minute mark, Norris says “we were coming through hope…” Hope to be a name of a town, while also the theme of this work. Visually, a galloping buffalo animation whose movements repeat throughout the story creates a connection between the persistence of the skydiver and the survival of the buffalo. As Norris narrates the story of the skydiver who knowingly risks his life, she demystifies faith as a heroic act, instead showing it as an internal force that from the outside can appear as chaotic or self-destructive.

  • Jude Norris / Bebonkwe (Winter) received the prestigious Chalmer’s Arts Fellowship, and numerous arts awards. Her single-channel videos have been screened at the Sundance Festival and The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. Her widely exhibited new-media installations are in the collections of major museums. Bebonkwe’s traditional tribal territory is in and around Edmonton, Alberta. She is currently based in Brooklyn, NY, but like her ancestors, she considers herself largely nomadic.