My Heart the Rock Star

Nik Forrest


Nik Forrest’s My Heart the Rock Star explores the idea of gender using the unique perspective of music. Nik examines their brother’s albums, and as they listen it becomes clear there is more beneath the surface. When looking at the album covers, you can see the artists of the era exhibiting a different type of trust within gender identity, a level of acceptance that introduces the ability to fluidly change and challenge gender norms. I can really see myself through this work, discovering who I am as I listened to these same artists growing up, though in the ‘90s rather than the ‘70s. There’s a strong amount of trust that I’ve given to this work since it speaks to me on such a personal level it feels as if it has become a part of me.

  • Nik Forrest (born 1964) is a visual and media artist living in Montréal. Born in Edinburgh, their practice includes video, drawing, installation, and sound art. They completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Saskatchewan in 1985 and a master’s degree in open media from Concordia University in 1995. They are currently working on an interdisciplinary research-creation PhD at Concordia exploring trans-ecologies, sound, and listening practices.