I ran from it and was still in it

Darol Olu Kae
USA, 2020, DIGITAL, 11 MIN


A poetic meditation on familial loss and separation, and the love that endures against dispersion. Kae repurposes materials sourced online and pairs them with images from his personal archive in an effort to wade through the deep emotions surrounding his father's death and the sudden relocation of his children, collapsing time and memory in the process. Taking the autobiographical model as his jumping-off point, Kae explores how an intimate account of one's life can potentially extend beyond the personal.


  • Darol Olu Kae is an artist from Los Angeles. His collaborative, research-based approach to filmmaking is inspired by community histories; it explores themes like filiation and inheritance. His work blurs boundaries between fiction and nonfiction, challenging the medium to express the complexity of Black life and culture. He is currently in pre-production on his next project, Keeping Time, and he is developing his debut narrative feature, Without a Song.