Gender, Lace and Glass

David Findlay


In Gender, Lace and Glass, David Findlay examines and challenges the nature of one’s fantasies. He does this by looking at how dominant culture’s co-authorship of personal imaginings can impose priorities and standards that may be miles away from the lived experiences or values of the person fantasizing. This co-authorship can so easily transmute its way into our reality that we quickly lose sight of who we really are, and we lose that trust within. Once the realization breaks free, we can then begin the process of undoing/rewriting a self-image that doesn’t fit.

  • David Findlay is a quiet Black thing-maker born in Southern Ontario, Canada, currently being loudly homesick in Southern California, USA, where he has lived with one of his beloveds since 2011. David’s thing-making tends to focus on stories about desire, identity, and power. His approach strives to foreground embodied honesty, and his preferred tools/media are whatever permits the right combination of hands-on immediacy with fiddly persnicketiness. His writing can be found in anthologies of smut, science fiction, and queer memoir; most of his visual art and musical efforts are still struggling to be born.