An Unusual Summer

May 22 , 3:00 pm

 —  5:00 pm

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ASL Interpretation

An Unusual Summer
Kamal Aljafari


Following an act of vandalism, the Palestinian filmmaker’s father decides to install a surveillance camera to record the scenes unfolding in front of their house. Everyday family life, or neighbours going to work, An Unusual Summer captures fleeting moments of poetry whereas, in the background, the daily choreography of Ramla, in current Israeli territory, comes to the surface.


This program will be followed by a Q&A moderated by Alia Ayman.

  • Kamal Aljafari works with moving and still images, interweaving between fiction, non-fiction, and art. His first film, The Roof (2006), won the Best International Award at Images Festival in Toronto and Best soundtrack at FIDMarseille. It was followed by Port of Memory (2009), which received the Prix Louis Marcorelles at Cinéma du Réel Paris. In 2015, he made Recollection, in which he removes actors from the foreground of films shot in Jaffa to narrate the fate of a vanished city and passersby caught in the backgrounds. The film was premiered at Locarno and toured in many art venues and museums, and was then followed by An Unusual Summer (2020), made with surveillance camera material filmed by his father, narrating poetry of daily life through one corner of the street in his native city.

Co-presented with

  • Toronto Palestine Film Festival