“a boat is never silent”

May 25 , 10:00 pm

 —  11:30 pm

All times are listed in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Rossella Biscotti, Nii Kwate Owoo, Caroline Monnet, Nour Ouayda, Lindsay McIntyre



This program will be followed by a Q&A moderated by Yasmin Nurming-Por.


* title from Disorientation Notes by Rossella Biscotti (2020).

Disorientation Notes

Rossella Biscotti


Within a subtle weaving of video and sound, a voice is taking us through technical ways to reorient ourselves and balance instability while in movement. Referring to distant, unstable landmarks, as well as mapping and GPS technologies, we constantly look for ways to position ourselves in relation to an environment that changes, second by second.



You Hide Me

Nii Kwate Owoo


In the year 1970, a remarkable, outstanding, and controversial documentary entitled You Hide Me on the “Colonization of African Art in the British Museum,” London, shook the world. Written, produced, and directed by Ghanian filmmaker Nii Kwate Owoo, the film, which became an instant hit and a legend, exposed the policies of European colonial regimes that, in establishing their rule, attempted to wipe out all traces of African civilization, religion, language, and art. The film You Hide Me revealed for the first time hundreds of thousands of hitherto unseen stolen and rare artifacts looted from the Asante and Benin Kingdoms in West Africa.



Caroline Monnet


Guided expertly by those who live on the land and driven by the pulse of the natural world, Mobilize takes us on an exhilarating journey from far north to the urban south. Over every landscape, in all conditions, everyday life flows with strength, skill, and extreme competence. Hands swiftly thread sinew through snowshoes. Axes expertly peel birch bark to make a canoe. A master paddler navigates icy white waters. In the city, Mohawk ironworkers stroll across steel girders, almost touching the sky, and a young woman asserts her place among the towers. The fearless polar punk rhythms of Tanya Tagaq’s “Uja” underscore a perpetual negotiation between the modern and traditional by a people always moving forward.


Towards the Sun

Nour Ouayda


You are now in the main hall of the National Museum in Beirut. A guard reminds you that you are encouraged to touch the archeological objects. A voice in your headset suggests that you lick the stone. You are now facing a hole in the wall on the lower left corner of a mosaic. The voice in your headset indicates that it was made by a sniper. Out of curiosity, you dial 1-9-9-1 to listen to the rest of the story.

Room 11a, Ortona Armoury

Lindsay McIntyre


The studio workings behind door 11a in the Ortona Armoury prior to a renoviction. An ode to a practice and place that should not be forgotten.

  • Rossella Biscotti's (b. 1978, Italy/Netherlands/Belgium) cross-media practice cuts across sculpture, performance, sound works, and filmmaking. Stemming from extended research processes, conceptual excavations, personal encounters, and interdisciplinary collaborations, her works encapsulate meticulous stratifications of materials and meanings.

  • Born and raised in Ghana, Nii Kwate Owoo writes, produces, and directs films. He is a graduate of the London Film School where he cut his niche as an African Filmmaker. He formed the first independent African Film production company (Ifriqiyah Films Ltd) in the UK under which he produced and directed his first film, You Hide Me. Thereafter, he moved to the Institute of African Studies at the University of Ghana, Legon, and founded the Media Research Unit, the backbone of the Institute’s Pan African media collaborations. He is currently the CEO of Efiri Tete Communications.

  • Caroline Monnet is a multidisciplinary artist from Outaouais, Quebec. She studied Sociology and Communication at the University of Ottawa (Canada) and the University of Granada (Spain) before pursuing a career in visual arts and film. Her work has been programmed internationally at the Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin), TIFF (CAN), Sundance (US), Aesthetica (UK), Palm Springs (USA), Cannes Film Festival, Museum of Contemporary Art (Montréal), Arsenal Contemporary NY, Axenéo7 (Gatineau), Walter Phillips Gallery (Banff), Division Gallery (Montréal), and the National Art Gallery (Ottawa).

  • Nour Ouayda is a filmmaker, film critic, and programmer. She is a co-editor of the Montréal-based online film journal Hors champ. She is deputy director at Metropolis Cinema Association in Beirut where she also coordinates the Cinematheque Beirut project. Her films and writing research the practice of drifting in cinema.

  • Lindsay McIntyre is a Canadian film artist of Inuk/settler of Scottish descent working primarily with analogue film. Her process-based works circle themes of portraiture, place, form, and personal histories with strong links to Canada’s North. Interested simultaneously in the apparatus of cinema, portraiture, representation, and personal histories, she bridges gaps in collective experience and remains dedicated to integrating theory and practice, form and content.

Co-presented with

  • Arsenal Contemporary
  • Toronto Arab Film Festival
  • Inuit Art Foundation