Welcome Darian and Mosheh!

June 19, 2022

We’re thrilled to welcome: Darian Razdar, Event Coordinator, and Mosheh Herdsman, Front of House Manager.


Darian Razdar (he/him) is a writer, researcher, and artist living in Toronto, with roots in the Great Lakes and Caspian Sea basins. Darian’s multidisciplinary artistic and curatorial practices span literary, visual, and community arts.

Darian’s poetry, essays, short fiction, and editorial writing has been published by Toronto Star, Progressive City, Bodies of Knowledge, The Asian Canadian Living Archive, Pleasure Dome, Power Plant Gallery, and Metropolitics. His visual art has been exhibited by BUNKER 2, Xpace, and CUE Art Projects. He currently organizes with the Bricks & Glitter collective.

Darian is the founder and principal of Reflex Urbanism — an emergent urban practice studio that offers planning, research, writing, and engagement services in City Building and Culture.


Mosheh Herdsman is an experienced political organizer and campaigner who has worked on municipal and provincial issues, including housing affordability, food security, public health, and transit. Moving away from electoral politics, Mosheh now seeks to bring forth the lessons from campaigning through facilitation and moving images to broaden his advocacy.