Social Distancing Mix by Stefana Fratila

March 26, 2020

His screen time is 16 min a day / Sorry I missed your call / I decided to start my garden inside this year! / Mine is 3 hours looks like / How do you spend your time? / Our neighbourhood is low density / Ew everyone in the park / I hate society!!!! / Ahhaha me too / How are you feeling? / Yesterday was my first day out of the flare-up and I channeled all of my new energy into baking / Send me emojis whenever / Watching star trek every night basically / We need to talk about emotional distancing / Good night! 


Stefana Fratila was scheduled to play at a few events at Images Festival 2020, including our now cancelled Programming Launch Party. For the safety and health of our community, we can't gather to launch the program, but tune into Fratila's Social Distancing Mix, and keep up to date on number of exciting updates to bring a selection of our ON, OFF, LIVE and EDUCATION programs online! 


• • • • •


Mix by Stefana Fratila (aka DJ Crip Time)

Image by Derek Coulombe