Co-Presentation with TPFF : Local Pals: A Mezze of Shorts

September 15, 2021


We’re thrilled to be co-presenting “Local Pals: A Mezze of Shorts” with To Palestine Film Festival as part of #TPFF2021!


This shorts program is a collection of original work by local Palestinian filmmakers, including The Poem We Sang, From Where To Where, and Omar, What’s Good?.


The films were developed, workshopped, filmed and produced through the 2021 Local Pals Residency of the Toronto Palestine Film Festival in partnership with Trinity Square Video.


The shorts program screens on Sept 24th at 5:30 p.m. in-theatre at the TIFF Bell Lightbox and online.


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About the films:


The Poem We Sang by Annie Sakkab

The Poem We Sang is an experimental documentary that meditates on love and longing - the love of one's family and the longing for one's home, contemplated through overcoming the trauma of loss of family home and of forced migration, transforming lifelong regrets into a healing journey of creative catharsis and bearing witness.


From Where To Where by Nada El-Omari

In the pieces I store and carry along my many different roads, my dialects may be signs of bruises but reclaimed they form the skin and voice I live in. Experiences of the where, from where, to where; a narrative amongst others. And as the words finally trickle through the needles, fingers seeping with tints trace the outline of whirling fields where I hang a jasmine branch on suspended necks and in the in-betweens, language soothes, swans mend, and the daily brings calm. We are the comfort of our multiples. 


Omar, What’s Good? by Muhammad Nour El-Khairy

'Omar, what's good?' is a found footage experimental documentary that deconstructs the public persona of Egyptian actor Omar Sharif, to retell the story of his rise to fame and subsequent fall.

This visual archaeological project re-appropriates a series of fiction films that star Sharif and intercuts them with news footage, archival materials, interviews and television programs to reflect on particular moments in Sharif’s career. The film reveals, using a process of deconstructing the found footage, the colonial context and mindset that shaped Sharif’s life between the Middle East and America.