Co-presentation with Planet in Focus

October 13, 2020

Images Festival is excited to co-present The Viewing Booth by Ra'anan Alexandrowicz with the Planet in Focus Internation Environmental Film Festival happening online between October 14 - 18, 2020. 


This film program will be available for online viewing October 14, 12:00 PM - October 23, 12:00 PM.

Fair-minded viewers, we hope, will be compelled by stories that appeal to their humanity and speak truth to power. But in the age of ‘alternative facts,’ amid an increasingly polarized media environment, these ideals have proven troublingly tenuous. Perhaps nowhere is this phenomenon as potently illustrated as in Ra'anan Alexandrowicz’s fascinatingly self-reflexive new documentary, which probes film’s potential to persuade via a deceptively simple exercise: In a lab-like space, a young woman narrates her real-time responses to web videos that variously affirm and challenge some of her deepest beliefs. Though the videos in question relate to a specific geopolitical context (the Israeli occupation of the West Bank), the broader relevance of her reactions is obvious, and their implications are deeply provocative. Elegant and utterly engrossing, The Viewing Booth is an essential window into the psychology of media consumption in the digital age.


Ticket and further event information can be found on Platet in Focus website