Co-Presentation with Beursschouwburg

December 7, 2019

Images Festival is pleased to co-present the looped screening of The Lining by Charlotte Zhang with the Beursschouwburg from December 11th to 14th.

Wednesday, December 11th — Saturday, December 14th 

Noon — 10pm 


Auguste Ortsstraat 20 -28 

1000 Brussels 


Teenage strife: “I feel like I’m up against time."

Time and love become elusive forces in Charlotte Zhang’s glimpse into the life of a young Los Angelean. We are invited to listen in on the protagonist’s simultaneously murky and revealing conversations with their mother and best friend. Their mother’s advice, “you’re not really stuck … just be patient," is paralleled by the film's own static frames and unhurried pacing. To drive the point home, musical intermissions unfold in contrast with the background groan of LA’s relentless highway traffic.

This screening is part of We Love You, a multidisciplinary programme on love beyond the romantic and the self that is running from September to December, 2019.

For program details, visit the official page here. See the event page on Facebook here.

Image: Charlotte Zhang, "The Lining," 2018.