Co-Presentation Inquiries

October 21, 2019

As a presenter of moving image works that expand conventions of cinema and media art, Images Festival is always pleased to partner with festivals, arts organizations, film groups, and collectives over screenings, exhibitions, and performances that align with our mandate and vision. In order to ensure a meaningful collaboration with us in co-presenting your screening, program or event, read the following guidelines prior to getting in touch.

For any co-presentation inquiries, kindly reach out to In your invitation email, please include:


Please title your email as: “Co-Presentation Invite: Name of Organization, Title of Program”


Our programming team would first and foremost require a screener link to the work(s) in the concerned program. Taking the time and energy to view and offer internal feedback around each submission allows allows us to ensure our partnership is attended to with sensitivity and care.

Timeline for Response 

Though we know this isn’t always possible, we’d greatly appreciate a minimum of 3 weeks’ notice prior to the date of the co-presentation to be able to consider your request. We want to ensure we have sufficient time to consider your invitation.

Confirmation Date 

Let us know the date by which you require a response. We are well aware of the overwhelming nature of festival work and understand the need for swift responses on your end.

Partnership Agreement 

We always appreciate if your invitation outlines the terms of our potential partnership i.e. ticketing, social media handles, textual descriptions (if any) tailored for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, name and logo recognition, and film stills or photo documentation of the work. If you have a draft of a contract for us to review upon confirmation, attach to the email. If you have any additional requests of us as potential partners, let us know!