2019 Images Festival Awards

May 15, 2019

Winners of the 2019 Images Festival Awards

Congratulations to all the winners of this year's Images Festival Awards! 

The 2019 Festival Jury included Michèle Pearson Clarke, Priya Sen, and Lydia Ogwang


2019 Images Festival York University Award for Best Student Work on Screen: Sponsored by York University’s Department of CINEMA & MEDIA ARTS. Awarded to the best student work on screen. $500 cash.

For its honest, ambitious, and insightful look at the play, the curiosity, and the violence of childhood, the York University Award for Best Student Work on Screen goes to A Black Hole is a Black Hole in the Ground by Sofia Feuer and Tyler Macri.


2019 Images Festival Marian McMahon Akimbo Award: Sponsored by Akimbo Art Promotion. Awarded to a woman filmmaker to honour strong work in autobiography, complexity of “subject” and the spirit of Marian McMahon. The recipient is funded to attend the annual Independent Imaging retreat (Film Farm) and workshop in Mount Forest, Ontario. $500 in-kind transfer services courtesy of Frame Discreet.

For its poetic collectivity and personal vulnerability, the Marian McMahon Akimbo Award goes to Plural Dreams of Social Life by Beatrice Gibson at Mercer Union. The exhibition runs until June 1st.


2019 Images Festival Overkill Award: Sponsored by an anonymous donor. Established in 2000 to honour former Executive Director Deirdre Logue. To an artist whose work is impervious to constraints – willful, unruly and uncontrollable. $500 cash.

For her willingness to redefine, to expand, and to provoke, the Overkill Award goes to Aisha Sasha John for her live performance Heat.

2019 Images Festival OCADU Off Screen Award: Sponsored by the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU), this award honours the strongest new Canadian or international installation or new media work in the festival. The recipient receives a $500 award.

For displaying an impressive scale and scope of collaborative feminist world-making, spanning over three decades, the OCADU Off Screen Award goes to Arnait Ikajurtigiit: Women Helping Each Other at the Art Gallery of York University. The exhibition runs until June 23rd.


2019 Images Festival More with Less Award: Sponsored by CFMDC, Charles Street Video, Dames Making Games, Gamma Space, ImagineNative, LIFT, Reel Asian, SAW Video, Trinity Square Video, and Anonymous. Established in 2015 to honour Scott Miller Berry (Images Director from 2001-2015), this award goes to a work that best demonstrates a resourceful artistic intent, doing more with less. $1,500 cash.

For doing more with less in both form and content, the More with Less Award goes to Gary by Simon Mercer.

2019 Images Festival Steam Whistle Homebrew Award: Sponsored by Steam Whistle Brewing, this award honours excellence and promise in a local artist. The recipient receives $500 and a Steam Whistle Prize Package.

For her unwavering political stance and willingness to always tell the truth, the Steam Whistle Homebrew Award goes to Pamila Matharu for One of These Things is Not Like the Other at A Space.

Image by Adrian Armenti, 2019