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Franci Duran
Tuesday, April 18, 2023
8:00AM EDT
The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT)

1137 Dupont St, Toronto, ON

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COVID-19 Policy

Images Festival is committed to providing an accessible festival and continues to work to reduce barriers to participation at our events. This year, we are implementing a COVID-19 policy to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission for all, and to prioritize the participation of people who are disability-identified, immunocompromised, or part of an otherwise vulnerable group.

The following guidelines will be in place: Self-Assessment: We ask that staff and participants screen themselves for COVID-19 before visiting the exhibition.

Presented With:

In this hands-on class we will explore phytogramming, an experimental, camera-less animation technique where plantlife is both the subject matter of the image and assists the means of photographic reproduction. Phytograms* are created by the exposure of black-and-white film overlaid with plant material and dried in direct sunlight.

We will review the technique and soak our plants in organic developer we make with the plants, water, washing soda, and vitamin C. Following that, we create our 16mm film outside and project it once it dries.

Please bring any recently picked leaves, flowers, stems, grasses, etc. that you want to work with. No experience is necessary. This workshop includes all film, chemistry, and supplies required. A scanned version of the film we make together will be available after the workshop.

*Franci Duran learned the phytogram process created by artist Karel Doing at Phil Hoffman's Independent Imaging retreat in 2018. 

Maximum of 6 participants.

Cost: $50.00

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Francisca Duran is a Chilean-Canadian experimental media artist who creates films, video installations, and 2D, photo-based, mixed-media works about history, memory, and violence. Franci has exhibited internationally at film festivals and venues including Edinburgh International Film Festival, International Film Festival at Rotterdam, HotDocs, Arkipel, Anthology Film Archives, Los Angeles Film Forum, John Hansard Gallery, and Gallery 44.

LIFT is a member-driven non-profit organization that provides affordable access to equipment, education, and space for those who want to make films, out of a passion for, and commitment to, the practice of filmmaking.