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Lo-Fi / Sci-Fi

Benny Nemer, Karma Clarke Davis, Mike Hoolboom, Michael Balser, Louise Liliefeldt, Michael Caines
Curated By: Greg Woodbury

Forever Young

Benny Nemer

If the future's so bright, why are we obsessed with staying young, freezing ourselves in time? An information overload of

simultaneous translations, satellite weather reports and defragmenting computer screens, Forever Young is an anthem—part love poem and part lament—to our visions of the future. Do you really want to live forever?

Wednesday, April 19, 2023
5:00PM EDT
Innis Town Hall
2 Sussex Ave, Toronto, ON M5S 1J5
Street level entrance, elevator and ramp available, door width 32”+, no automatic doors. Gender neutral single occupancy accessible (32”+) washroom, automatic door No accessible parking on site 4 wheelchair seats in-cinema.

For a map of Innis Town Hall, click here

COVID-19 Policy

Images Festival is committed to providing an accessible festival and continues to work to reduce barriers to participation at our events. This year, we are implementing a COVID-19 policy to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission for all, and to prioritize the participation of people who are disability-identified, immunocompromised, or part of an otherwise vulnerable group.

The following guidelines will be in place: Self-Assessment: We ask that staff and participants screen themselves for COVID-19 before visiting the exhibition.

In 2001, Charles Street Video presented five new tapes by six super-powered art mutants, piped in especially for a screening at Images Festival. These videos cracked open alternate futures, secret histories, undiscovered dialectics, uncovering anxieties and desires of a whole realm of utopian/dystopian longing in the process. Prefacing these videos is a space age trailer created by none other than Ros Kalloo.

Join us for a journey in space and time… Taking place at the exact date and time, and in the same location as the original screening, this year Images Festival is re-staging this iconic program to the letter.

Admission to this event is free with a lo-fi / sci-fi inspired costume. Tickets will be sold at the door. No registration is required, but is welcome. Please join us for a conversation with the original curator, Greg Woodbury, after the film. 

The exhibition, bringing to light what came from inside is curated in response to this program. Please join us at CSV on April 19 at 6:00 PM before the screening for a panel discussion with the curator and artists.

Benny Nemer is a multidisciplinary artist, diarist, and researcher based in Paris. His practice mediates emotional encounters with musical, botanical, art historical, and queer cultural material, encouraging deep listening and empathic viewing. In his work you will encounter audio guides, bells, bouquets, ceramic vases, enchanted forests, folding screens, gay elders, glitter, gold leaf, love letters, imaginary paintings, madrigals, megaphones, mirrors, naked men, private libraries, sex-changing flowers, sign language, subtitles, woodwinds, wrapping paper, and the voices of birds, boy sopranos, contraltos, countertenors, and sirens.

Karma Clarke-Davis was born in Trinidad and Tobago and has lived in Jamaica, Saskatchewan, and Montreal. Currently based in Toronto, she draws on her East Indian, African and Scottish heritage to create works which seek to blur boundaries (racial, sexual, cultural, psychological). She graduated from Concordia University in Studio Art with a degree that included the study of painting, drawing, video, sculpture, installation, and interrelated art.

Mike Hoolboom is a Canadian media artist and writer. He was schooled at the Funnel, Toronto's former underground movie palace, and has made more than 100 movies. His making is a practice, a daily application, an ongoing remixology. He is the author/co/editor of more than 30 books. There have been 20 international retrospectives of his work, and he has won more than 90 festival awards. 

Michael Balser was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick. He was a video maker, curator, producer, and AIDS activist. He was part of the experimental video and Super 8 scene in Fredericton and Ottawa before finally putting down roots in Toronto. He sadly passed away in Toronto in 2002. 


Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Louise Liliefeldt attended the Ontario College of Art. She is a cofounder of 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art and has been actively co-organizing events in Toronto for over 30 years. Louise has presented her work throughout Canada, as well as in Chicago, Poland, and Turkey. During this time, she has produced performance art works where various notions of beauty and the attempt to slow time are manifested by way of metaphors, symbols, and physical actions.

Michael Caines is a New York and Toronto-based artist working in drawing, painting, film, and video. His work has been exhibited in commercial, public, and artist-run galleries in Canada, as well as commercial galleries in the US. His films and videos have screened worldwide, including an official selection at the Toronto International Film Festival.