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Leakier Gardens II

Gabi Dao, Yuula Benivolski, Erin Johnson, Zaina Bseiso, Nadia Shihab
Curated By: Jaclyn Quaresma

Coco Means Ghost

Gabi Dao
Canada, Vietnam | 2019 | Digital | 25 MIN | Vietnamese with English subtitles

Gabi Dao’s video-poem layers archival fragments, individual and family recollections, and lingering questions linked to Vietnam, unfolding narratives about intergenerational memory—both its legible recordings and its deeply visceral textures. How we remember, less so what, becomes a gateway into somatic residues, which spill from the gaps of official archives and constructed histories.

Saturday, October 21, 2023
1:00PM EDT
e-flux Screening Room

172 Classon Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11205


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The artists in this screening consider multiple forms of nourishment, sustenance, and cultural transference across bodies, territories, and generational lines. Alongside these works, the garden extends beyond the plot to include those porous spaces in our lives that require tending to the growth of (one) another, allow entanglements to flourish, and where fruit, flower, and seed demand attention and care—not from a master gardener—but through each cultural leakage, slippage, spill, and spoil.

Leakier Gardens II is the third iteration in an ongoing series of screenings, exhibitions, and myriad potential manifestations. Hosted by Images Festival, this series considers the garden as something that, despite one’s intention, cannot be contained, and thus foregrounds the incontainability of edges and borders. The second iteration Leakier Gardens was an exhibition and can be found here. The first, Leaky Gardens, complicated the notion of the garden as a gentle refuge, revealing its colonial roots alongside the work of Eve Tagny, Vanessa Dion Fletcher and Yza Nouiga.

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