Images Festival is committed to providing an accessible festival and continues to work to reduce the barriers to participation in our events. The interconnected aims we prioritize for our community—our artists, audiences, volunteers, partners, and staff—are the reduction of physical and financial barriers and an increase to our mental and physical safety services. This work is integral to making our festival more hospitable and inclusive for all. However, we recognize that improving access does not mean being accessible to everyone at all times. We begin with the immediate goal of implementing clear and transparent access within our resources and building upon it to offer even greater access in the future. Access is an evolving process, and things may shift and change: certain services may become available following the publication of our catalogue. We will communicate any changes on our website, Facebook, and Instagram daily.


If you are interested in a program, have access needs, are unclear about how we have articulated the parameters of any event, or have any questions, please contact a member of our team, or email our Technical Coordinator Aaron Moore at


Please also be sure to refer to our Code of Conduct.



Below is a list of programs for which accessibility services will be available during this year's festival:


Artist Talk: SAFE KEEPING  -  Closed Captions

translating time  -  Closed Captions

Artist Talk: Maxime Jean Baptiste & Audrey Jean-Baptiste  -  Closed Captions

An Unusual Summer  -  Closed Captions + ASL Intepretation

the readers  -  Closed Captions + ASL Interpretation

oceans of sound  -  Closed Captions + ASL Interpretation

"what is erased occasionally returns as a ghost"  -  Closed Captions + ASL Interpretation

If All You Have is a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail  -  Closed Captions

Artist Talk: Will Kwan  -  ASL Interpretation

poetics of distance  -  Creative Audio Description

Artist Talk: Global Cows  -  Closed Captions

techniques of observation  -  Closed Captions + ASL Interpretation

Artist Talk: Chloé Galibert-Laîné  -  Closed Captions

Closing Night: Faasla  -  Closed Captions + ASL Interpretation



ASL Interpretation refers to American Sign Language interpretation. If an event is listed as having ASL Interpretation, there will be between one and three interpreters present depending on the number of speaking participants.


Closed Captioning refers to the captioning of film works using text. If a work is marked as including closed captioning, a CC stream link will be available on the program page.

Creative Audio Description is a poetic application of described video.


Addtionally, this year all of our digital publications are formatted for assistive reading technologies.