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Co-presented in
partnership with

York University
Le Labo
Innis College, University of Toronto
Multiplicity - International Student Showcase

On Screen

Monday April 24 2017, 7:00PM
Innis Town Hall

Multiplicity - International Student Showcase

Buried in Light
Gautam Valluri
India/France, 2016, 7 min

Fiesta Forever
Jorge Jácome
France/Portugal, 2016, 21 min

Flerte /Flirt
Samuel Mariani
Brazil, 2015, 2 min

Herat in my Head in my Heart
Weeda Azim
Canada, 2016, 2 min

Jessica Johnson
Canada, 2016, 12 min

Joëlle Leboutte
Canada, 2016, 16 min

This program offers a collection of distinct individual works that interact with the notion of limitation through subverting feminine expectations, rethinking the ontology of national identity, refusing to conform to genre, and rejecting formal cinematic structures. Apart, the following works maintain their identities, together they construct a unified objective.

Through contrast, codependence, and emotional destabilization, Multiplicity disrupts a single reading of its multiple narratives. It offers multiple readings, multiple POVs, multiple critiques, multiple voices, multiple interpretations, etc. All of these practices create a complex program that aggressively appalls homogeneity.

We define multiplicity as rejecting visual and ideological singularity. Nature. Club culture. Phone calls. Feminine bodies. Separately, but exponentially more so together, Multiplicity challenges the status quo of cinematic and sociopolitical practices.

– Anastasia Akulinina, York University
Gesilayefa Azorbo, Ryerson University
Sunny Kim, University of Toronto



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