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Co-presented in
partnership with

Centre for Refugee Studies, York University
Department of Cinema and Media Arts York University
Tales of Two Who Dreamt

On Screen

Thursday April 20 2017, 7:00PM
The Royal Cinema

Tales of Two Who Dreamt
Nicolas Pereda
Canada, 2016, 85 min

Making its Toronto premiere, Tales of Two Who Dreamt marks the return of Nicolás Pereda and Andrea Bussmann with their first collaborative feature. Centred around an asylum-seeking Hungarian family awaiting their Canadian residency status, this experimental narrative takes an exceptionally imaginative and humanist approach to the act of personal storytelling.

Set in a nondescript apartment tower occupied by fellow asylum seekers and immigrant families, the story unfolds in segments that oscillate between fact and fiction, truth and myth. Mirroring the process of filmmaking itself, as well as the in-between state of those awaiting their status—a process that demands you tell and re-tell your personal story over and over again for bureaucratic authentication—Pereda and Bussmann play off repetition to expand the story into tangents that interrupt the myth with doses of reality, and vice versa.

Taking the form of a docu-fiction to express the dislocation of immigrants and refugees, Tales of Two Who Dreamt is ultimately a story about the politics of storytelling. Who gets to tell their story? And how will it be received? Set in, but abstracted from the dominant vision of Toronto, the film offers a timely and generous glimpse into the daily lives of those caught in immigration limbo.


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