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Eye of the Mask: Theatre Nicaragua

Eye of the Mask: Theatre Nicaragua

Eye of the Mask: Theatre Nicaragua by Judith Doyle


For our 30th Anniversary, we are launching a new online initiative to highlight Canadian and International works. We are inaugurating this project by shining a light on one of the most unique Canadian experimental documentaries of the past decades made by Judith Doyle.

Eye of the Mask: Theatre Nicaragua offers a unique roving window into the life of post-revolutionary Nicaragua, orchestrated by a group of young and energized revolutionaries, poets, and artists who fervently believed in art and theatre’s power to bring about social transformation.Shot while the country was under lockdown as a consequence of Reagan’s invasion of Grenada in 1983, Eye of the Mask follows Nixtayolero (Dawn Star) theatre group as they travel to perform in remote and rural areas.


Judith Doyle is an Artist and Associate Professor of Integrated Media at OCAD University in Toronto. She currently serves as Associate Chair of the Digital Futures Program at OCAD U and directs the Social Media and Collaboration Lab - SMAClab – developing gesture-based artworks, software and networked installations. GestureCloud - her collaboration with Beijing artist Fei Jun - focuses on gesture as a surplus value of labour, documenting gesture in the factory, using classical motion capture and consumer depth cameras.

In 1978, Doyle co-founded Worldpool, an international artists' network using proto-Internet collaboration technologies including telefacsimile. She is regarded as an international pioneer of fax and net art. Her small publication house Rumour published the first edition of Kathy Goes to Haiti by Kathy Acker, amongst other artist and punk titles.

Judith Doyle has directed documentary films including Eye of the Mask : Theatre Nicaragua (Citation, Mannheim Film Festival, 1985); The Last Split Second (Best Documentary, 1999 Brooklyn International Film Festival); and Lac La Croix (Toronto International Film Festival 1987, produced with a resolution of support from the Canadian Assembly of First Nations).

Pathfinding - her collaboration with neuropsychologist Dr. Brian Richards at Baycrest, focused on compositing and media art assistive memory supports for clients with acquired brain injury and resulting amnesia. For this work, Doyle was awarded the Distinguished Research and Creative Activity award at OCAD University in 2012. 

Her media art, workshops and collaborations are presented internationally, recently at B2 CAFA Moving Image Art retrospective; Art Beijing 2012; ISEA 2013 (Sydney), ISEA 2014 (Dubai); Nuit Blanche 2013, 2014; Lively Bodies, Museum of Vancouver (2015).



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